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As the largest supermarket chain in Europe, we operate in 31 countries. In the Netherlands, we have over 21,000 employees and 440 stores. The customer is central to everything we do and we strive to do business sustainably, for example by constantly increasing our range of organic, animal-friendly and sustainable products and by building the most sustainable warehouses in the Netherlands. This commitment also extends to our employees. Lidl ensures a healthy work-life balance,  training and development opportunities and, of course, the right remuneration. And diversity and inclusion are high on the agenda at Lidl. We are Lidl!

Wat ga je doen?

Together with your colleagues you’ll  ensure that our 440 Lidl stores receive the right orders every day, so that our customers can buy their favorite products. Working in our warehouse, you’ll collect products – from groceries and fruit and vegetables to non-food items – and ensure that the process of collecting the products is as swift and accurate as possible.
How? The items you need to collect will be communicated to you through your headset. You’ll collect these items with a user-friendly electronic pallet truck, which will help you lift and move the pallets. Next step is to put the pallets in the right location, so they can be loaded onto the trucks. From there trucks transport the orders to the stores.

In busy periods, our warehouse dispatches up to 3000 pallets to our stores every day. But whether it’s busy or not, you’ll need to work swiftly and accurately to ensure that our products arrive at their destination undamaged. Together with your colleagues, you’ll help ensure top quality of our products for our customers!

  • Collecting orders for our stores.
  • Preparing orders for transport.

Wie ben jij?

No experience in the logistics sector is needed, and you don’t need certification or a driver’s license to operate an electronic pallet truck. We’ll make time to teach you the skills you’ll need during your induction. You’ll need to be able to work swiftly and accurately and handle our products carefully. And

  • you must be at least 18 years of age.

Wat krijg jij van ons?

A flexible job in a friendly working environment at a reliable employer. Your health and safety is a top priority for us, so we’ll provide appropriate work clothing, including amongst others a jacket, trousers and safety shoes. During your first weeks, we’ll provide in-depth training on how to use our electronic pallet trucks and headsets with the pick-by-voice system. And you’ll also get:

  • Good salary and a friendly working environment.
  • Additional benefits for working weekends or evenings, equivalent to 25% to 100% of your standard salary rate.
  • Excellent benefits that match your needs, including a travel allowance.
  • An in-depth training and opportunities to grow personally as well as professionally.
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